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The Shukla Test

Arse-kickingly awesome article. The outrageous racism of film and TV MUST change; life mirrors art in the end.

I move for the Shukla-Bechdel test, which requires that two women of colour talk to each other about something other than race OR men. Prize for anyone who can name one that passes!

Media Diversified

by Nikesh Shukla

Someone wrote of one of my short stories that it was ‘an amorphous mess of Indian names’. The implication was that, had I gone with more traditional names like Steve, Bob, Andy, Joe and Paul, he would have liked the short story more. Having said that, he did end the review by saying that despite the fact that the characters were Indian, there was a universal experience to be had. Again, the implication being that, Indians don’t have universal experiences, they have Indian ones.

A thing I say a lot is, ‘Everyone in books, films or television is white unless they have to do something brown.’ It’s not often Ranjit is at the pub having a universal experience with Steve, Bob, Andy, Joe and Paul. While Steve, Bob, Andy, Joe and Paul have their universal experience, Ranjit is off somewhere worrying about being brown. Probably because of…

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