On being the crazy feminist in the room

I think feminist spaces can be very triggering, even when they are supportive, just because so many painful topics are likely to come up. So awareness of PTSD and other MH issues is vital – thank you for writing such a valuable post on how to support.

The Fementalists

Kristin tweets at @kristincraiglai and blogs at She is also a feminist life coach practising in Toronto.

I have a hard time saying that I’m disabled. I feel like that’s a term I’m not allowed to use, like I’m not disabled enough to use the term without being told off for co-opting a marginalized identity. I imagine that many people living with mental illness have similar internal struggles. But if you were to ask me how my mental illnesses (C-PTSD, social anxiety and depression) restrict my ability to function in the world I would tell you that I have to think carefully about the probability of being triggered before I go anywhere unfamiliar. I would tell you that I often have to suss out where I will run and hide if I get triggered or overwhelmed. I would explain that I have to bring a collection of items out…

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