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Why I am not a teacher – in brief

Email exchange with the IOP:

I’m a tutor rather than a teacher – still spreading the joy of physics though!
Hate the government – that’s the main reason I didn’t go into teaching when I finished my PGCE

Hi Rose-Anna,

Thanks for getting in touch, I’ll update your details,

If you could spare the time, it would be really useful if you could let me know the specifics of what you don’t like about UK education. Just a short summary would be fine. I’ll store everything anonymously, but it’s helpful for us to know these things for our education policy and teacher retention work.

Keep spreading the joy of physics!

Best regards

= emphasis on assessment OF rather than assessment FOR learning (increasing) (and the result serves no one – kids, parents, teachers, employers, further/higher ed institutions all hate exams)
= system works against critical thinking, no interest in citizenship
= focus on memorising ‘factual’ content, right vs wrong answers that limits time & confidence to explore/discover by stigmatising ‘mistakes’
= subject segregation – I would prefer a topic-based approach with teachers (different specialisms) collaborating
= teaching hours are much too long – we need far more in-timetable P&P. I would even accept slightly lower pay for teachers alongside more in-timetable P&P (and by extension more teachers employed, more collaboration) because I did not have time for my own mind – no time to so much as read a book – as a teacher, and I was not able to plan inspiring lessons within my own time constraints, let alone the constraints imposed by the exam spec

Best = )

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