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#EightWomen – Your Vote Counts

So many amazing women I need to find out about

Media Diversified

by Rudy Katoch

Today we launch our #EightWomen Poll. 134 Notable Women of Colour, all successful in their fields, all have made a difference – but who would you vote has changed the U.K?

The eight women will be revealed at Media Diversity UK’s launch event in late November. You can only vote once so take time to research your entry! Find some of their bios here (courtesy ofBritain’s Power List 2013I’m Possible) and 100 Great Black Britons
More bios will be added over the next two weeks. Voting ends one month from today on the 17th October.

Since its inception on 4 July 2013, the non-profit organisation Media Diversity UK has attracted 104,653 views. Its Twitter account, @WritersofColour, which acts as platform for its articles, has 3,349 followers.  Its first article by Yacine Assoudani on multiculturalism garnered three hundred views. On 8 July, Samantha…

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