Whiteness & racism

White Women Trying

White women trying

“I think sit down shut up is too easy, it makes us tourists of others’ oppressions”

  1. Anywave said: I’d really love to hear from other white women what yous do to help your feminism be more Intersectional. my aim is non judgemental CR
  2. @anywavewilldo I probably don’t do enough, but I try to read a lot of links here, and to pay attention … and to shut up. (What is CR?)
  3. Anywave: in CR you share ideas and experiences together to generate theory and practice based in lived lives & liveable solutions
  4. @anywavewilldo I don’t know why but talking about “what I do” feels uncomfortable. I think b/c the point is that it isn’t really about me.
  5. Anywave:  ok, I get that, but is it ‘not’ about us? if we are white racism comes via us, in us, from us, so what do we do *about* it
  6. @anywavewilldo I mean, even that sounds a bit off – “not about me” is not the same as “not something I need to think about”, of course.
  7. @anywavewilldo yes for sure (see my follow-up). I guess we try to hold in our heads that our significance is mainly as part of the problem.
  8. @anywavewilldo And not be paralysed by that but just keep listening + not expecting credit for it or acknowledgement. And responding in life
  9. @anywavewilldo (And by “responding in life” I mean in daily interactions with individuals rather than what we broadcast on social media or
  10. @anywavewilldo Striving to make real personal connection with Black people I meet is crucial underpinning of self-education #listen #listen
  11. @anywavewilldo read a lot. pay attention to sick feeling that tells me I’m doing wrong. accept isolated understandings, not truth framework
  12. @anywavewilldo also, I guess, try to understand myself as white, as a significant part of who I am, part of my belief system, way of being
  13. @anywavewilldo I read. @GradientLair goes a long way. I find I have to remind myself constantly that social justice is not about my comfort
  14. @anywavewilldo My ego is a huge obstacle. My need to be central to discussion is a huge obstacle. Confused envy is a huge obstacle
  15. @anywavewilldo when I hear ‘do the work’ I think about what that means. When I hear ‘white saviour complex’ I think about what that means.
  16. @anywavewilldo I look for my place to stfu. I look for my place to speak. I look twice, I look carefully. I still mess up.
  17. @anywavewilldo I am guided by passion. But I am wary of the motivation behind it. I’m committed to justice, but I see my ego at the root.
  18. @anywavewilldo @radtransfem I think I have to accept there is no final framework. But that this doesn’t release me from trying to build.
  19. @RoseAnnaStar @anywavewilldo yeh, it’s tricky, some kinds of building mean cutting bricks to fit & that’s often bad. more like drystonewall?
  20. @radtransfem @anywavewilldo A drystone wall flexes with the earth, it gets stronger with time instead of cracking when things change.
  21. What if, rather than talking about our ideas when they’re standing still, we talk about when they moved? When did you last change your mind?
  22. @anywavewilldo I think a huge part of process is making whiteness & its operations visible to myself. If I can’t see it, I can’t change it.
  23. @anywavewilldo For me that involves listening to & reading WOCs, seeing what things I resist hearing, & coming back at them again & again.
  24. @anywavewilldo Some things I might get fairly quickly, some stuff I grapple with for weeks or months because ego gets in the way.
  25. @anywavewilldo Here’s a really good post I read recently on this: arewomenhuman.me/2013/03/16/cha… . I think almost all of us need it in some area.

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