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Janus-faced day

This morning I read this post by Aaron Goggans looking back on 2013 (glad it was a good one for him). For me too, it has been a time of learning about the axes of privilege and oppression that position my body and my voice in the spaces where they act. My learning has given me new critical tools, and replaced confused dissatisfaction and feeling towards justice with deep commitment.

To paraphrase my comment on the post:

In 2014 I’m hoping to build on the awareness I’ve gained particularly from reading work by People of Colour (by reading more of it) especially Andrea Smith and Trudy of Gradient Lair on how certain approaches to tackling one strand of oppression can have a negative impact on people struggling against another. For example, a law-and-order approach to reducing sexual violence is likely to negatively affect Black men and (by extension) Black women, and supports the prison-industrial-complex which is a mighty pillar of economic, racial and gender inequality. I hope I can find ways, as a White woman, to make myself useful (rather than annoying and obstructive) to marginalised women organising against violence and injustice.


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