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One Person is a Fiction #3

Extracts from an interview with Tony Kushner from Richard Eyre’s book, Talking Theatre which I’ve reviewed here What do you make of the fact that the longest-running musical and a successful Broadway play are both Socialist parables, Les Miserables and An Inspector Calls [This was 1999] … I think Inspector Calls was kind of amazing.… Continue reading One Person is a Fiction #3

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Writing about Writing about Writing

Virginia Woolf on Class Privilege & Literature In her paper The Leaning Tower, (text just about available here) originally a lecture given to the Worker’s Education Association in Brighton in 1940, Woolf criticises the writers of previous two-and-a-half decades, including Auden and Louis MacNeice. Like earlier writers, they enjoyed class privilege: ‘They have all been raised… Continue reading Writing about Writing about Writing