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Rescuing the blonde: anti-Roma racism again

Rescuing the blonde: anti-Roma racism again

  1. So a four year old girl named Maria has been taken from her adoptive parents and put in custody against her and their will.
  2. The family claim she was brought to them by her birth mother, who was unable to care for her. They should have gone to the authorities, but if they wanted a daughter, why would they? They wouldn’t get to keep her, and who knows how she’d be treated? They have probably experienced only hostility and harsh treatment in interactions with police etc
  3. Sky news says it’s believed she was being ‘taken from place to place as part of a child trafficking ring’ #sedentarism #racist bullshit.
  4. One illegal adoption =/= child trafficking. Maria was living with the family as their child. Another girl in the camp told the cameras she missed her playmate. Sky showed a video of her toddling cheerfully around with  a happy woman, encouraging her to look at the camera. Nothing suggests an organised system of abduction. But maybe simply being nomadic is ‘trafficking’ when a white child is Travelling with Roma people…
  5. Until birth parents appear saying she was taken or there is evidence of abuse by her adoptive family, there’s no other interpretation.
  6. Birth parents have not come forward, despite the prominent appeal.
  7. @RoseAnnaStar Greek news reports that she was dirty and neglected when found and eye-witnesses have testified that she was made to beg
  8. She looks healthy as far as can be seen in the photos and she speaks Roma dialect and some Greek.
  9. .@AlexpolisTigers Roma are excluded from society, education, employment, welfare. Not surprised they beg. Maybe they did their best for her.
  10. People often tell me stories of ‘antisocial behaviour’ by Gypsy/Roma/Traveller people to justify their racist views. As far as I’m concerned, this is a form of victim blaming. If you exclude someone from education, you can’t complain that they are uneducated. If you exclude them from employment, you can’t call them work-shy.
  11. Who disrupted this girl’s education?
  12. If a Black or East Asian girl, for example, were seen in a Roma camp, would anyone bat an eye? Something special about blond #whitesupremacy

    Sat, Oct 19 2013 10:57:04



  13. Gypsies ‘stealing’ children is the stuff of folk tale, as is ‘running away with the Gypsies’. The reporting of this story has imagination running way ahead of evidence, and it has stimulated a fresh tide of anti-GRT rhetoric. Even if it turns out to be a ‘child trafficking ring’ there’s no excuse for racism.
  14. New York Times headline: “Are the Roma Primitive, or Just Poor?”
    Better headline: “Is the New York Times Racist, or Just Ignorant?”
  1. @RoseAnnaStar the “stolen by gypsies” trope is such bullshit, and so offensive as Roma children were historically forcibly taken and adopted

2 thoughts on “Rescuing the blonde: anti-Roma racism again

  1. The initial reports stated she was underweight. But how would they know even they don’t know her age? The charity, which is the one that speculated about Maria bring made to dance and beg while there is no proof of that, just a home video that the family supplied themselves to show Maria was with them for years, this is the public interpretation. They say she ‘hardly talks’, ‘just the Roma dialect’ and Then they refuse to get someone to communicate in that. Puzzling statement:they don’t risk that? So they communicate with her in sign language. As of she’s raised by wolves and Romanes is not a language. And Then they trumpet to the world that shehasnt asked for her adopted parents! Headlines the world screech that an abducted, sometimes even ‘missing’ girl was ‘rescued’ from this camp, while she was not missing. Howcan she be missing of she was not deported as missing? Is there one proven case of gypsies really abducting a nongypsy child? People’praying she will be reunited with her biological parents’how do they knowshe’s better off with them?

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